Equine Guided Learning

Equine Guided Learning

We are proud to offer this remarkable and magical approach to Equilibrium clients, which in our experience is a doorway to profound transformation for individuals and organisations.

Horses see the individuals, not the job titles. They respond in the present moment to the integrity of the whole person and their inner stories, rather than to orders, intellectual ideas or incongruence. The feedback horses give is instant, clear and non-judgemental.

Very often, the experience of Equine Guided Learning is joyful and continues to be drawn on as a metaphor and language for teams for a long time to come.

Our Approach

We combine Equine Guided Learning with an approach drawn from mindfulness and somatic experiencing, through which clients are invited to come into deeper connection with the present moment, with the wisdom of their bodies and with their untapped intuitive awareness.

The leading edge: We integrate this inspiring form of experiential learning with leadership and organisational models  (Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Joe Jarworski in particular), tapping into the richness and creativity of true presence in which stillness, awareness, understanding and liberated will can be cataylsed into unfolding emergent right action. This is a profound development in leadership.

We can also combine our approach with your organisational models e.g to focus on strategic leadership, servant leadership, change management, group dynamics, culture change, communication, and empowerment.

As leaders in the field, we began delivering equine guided experiential learning to clients at Ashridge in 1996. Since then we have worked with Apple, Ebay, Paypal, Nissan, Mitsui, government directorates, charitable organisations, several Arab sheikhs, women in leadership programmes, as well as vulnerable adults. We have presented at industry and leadership conferences, and offer supervision to other EGL practitioners.

Benefits of working with us and our herd of horses:

  • Learning through the medium of working with horses offers a deep, dynamic and effective experience to clients.
  • The mirroring a horse provides to a client allows underlying issues to surface and be worked through in a relatively short amount of time. We can really work with the blind spots and the client’s ‘inner story’. New beliefs and behaviours can be rehearsed and integrated.
  • The plasticity of working with horses means that many different group and individual themes can be addressed creatively and concurrently – we work with layers of meaning.
  • Working with horses allows extensive use of metaphor: of the herd and the way it organises itself, of the dynamics between horses, the client’s projections onto the horses, the many idioms in the English language (e.g. holding the reins, back in the saddle etc). Metaphor can be used to say things that might otherwise be too sensitive, and can then be used to reframe a client’s perceptions and self- limiting beliefs.
  • Horses naturally mirror system dynamics. This can give opportunity for powerful intervention to improve both personal and professional relationships and helps to address the unspoken and unacknowledged issues within a team or organisation.
  • Equine Guided Learning is a modality in which mind, body and soul are fully engaged and thus creates a real impact for clients which sticks for years to come.




In partnership with Laira Gold of Human Through Horsese we provide a comprehensive practitioners’ training  for individuals wishing to become facilitators in this highly skilled modality. Please download our equine guided learning training programme for 2016.