Coaching – living life on purpose

Coaching – living life on purpose

“And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
Anais Nin

My approach to coaching – whether you are seeking it for your professional or your personal life – is essentially to help you to explore what really matters to you and then support you to take the actions towards creating a satisfying, meaningful life. I bring a perspective that is forward-focused and brings hope to the areas of life where you may feel stuck.  Our work together helps you to reach into your greater potential, to stretch yourself and to exercise greater choice in how and where you place your precious energy and attention.

In a professional context, coaching can be closely aligned with organisational goals and your career development. It is rare that professional development exists in isolation from the rest of a client’s life so I take a holistic approach to executive coaching, looking at the whole person.

I specialise in leadership development, bringing an extensive understanding of various coaching models and tools, and experience in a multitude of global organisations including Apple, Ebay, Paypal, Nissan.

Sessions tend to be in blocks of six, lasting between 90 and 150 minutes (depending on regularity, capacity and resources), usually at fortnightly to monthly intervals. Skype can be used once we have established a sound working partnership.

Psychosynthesis as a coaching approach: this approach is emphasised towards helping people to live on-purpose, actualising their vision and realising their innate and unique potential. It is a profoundly positive approach, yet one that engages with the process of struggle that individuals often experience as they develop beyond their limitations.

Aspects include:

  • Freeing your will – your spark, your drive, your passion – from your personal history and culture to live with more creativity and conviction, with greater choice in directing how you express your own uniqueness;
  • listening for and integrating parts of the personality that have been wounded, are out of sync, or are struggling so that they can be brought to bear more fully;
  • releasing old behavioural patterns and mindsets that have become limitations which no longer serve the individual well;
  • Bringing a transpersonal context in which higher level qualities are elicited, such as creativity, inspiration, compassion, a perspective that goes beyond what is simply comfortable for the individual, and a sense of ongoing personal, organisational and cultural evolution.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Anyone who wants more from life and/or feels that they have more to offer
  • People making life decisions or facing transitions such as moving house or changing role or career.
  • Individuals wanting to overcome blocks to personal or professional progress
  • Anyone who has a specific goal, or who would like to define their goals, and enjoy support and challenge in achieving them
  • Those wanting to enhance their relationships at home or at work
  • People who want improved well-being and fulfillment
  • Anyone who wants to be more involved in life, their communities, and the wider issues affecting us
  • Those seeking a path that is more congruent with their values or who want to integrate a more spiritual approach to their lives.

I can help you to:

  • understand what makes you tick;
  • lead a life that is more fulfilling and more meaningful to you;
  • have a deeper relationship with yourself that brings energy, creativity and enjoyment;
  • increase your awareness of unnecessary limitations and through this have greater choice and freedom in how to act;
  • address specific challenges such as stepping up into more senior roles or changes in your organisation;
  • develop tools that help you to achieve your goals while living with less effort, more grace, and greater relaxation;
  • enjoy more connected and satisfying relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

At Equilibrium we consider that the mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of a client are all vital parts of the whole, and we see that individual – YOU – as a unique and important part in the complex web of life.

Together we will seek to harness your values and purpose with your skills, experience, intuition and creativity so that you can really align yourself with what matters to you and are rewarded by the external, life-changing effects of that.