A warm welcome to Equilibrium

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.” – Rumi

We offer a variety of approaches – organisational  and leadership development, professional and personal coaching and equine guided learning –  working with you to help you to find balance and fulfillment and growing towards what really matters to you.

Since 1996 we have worked with men and women from Apple, Ebay, Paypal, Ashridge, the NHS, Nissan, Mitsui, government directorates, charitable organisations, several Arab sheikhs,  and developed programmes for women in leadership.

Our ethos is that life is short, and we want to bring as much of ourselves to life as possible. We are part of complex and fast-paced systems, constantly evolving, and the challenge is to make choices that are congruent, positive and deliberately intended. That means having the courage to be true to our passions, gifts, experience and working in tune with the reality of our circumstances – whether they are personal, organisational or global.

The task for us at Equilibrium is to support, guide and challenge you as you progress on your inner journey, by helping you develop your internal resources, by assisting in the resolution of personal and professional dilemmas and conflicts, by helping you to connect deeply to what really matters to you, and by offering you encouragement, inspiration and – importantly – practical strategies to  keep on taking the next step into your unique potential.